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Using a skateboard to cruise around is not only fun but also good for the environment. When you travel on your skateboard, you will never encounter a traffic jam, worry about the parking area, and save some money spending on gas or petrol.

And for some people, it also reduces the risk of involving in an accident.  As you use your energy to move, there is no emission, and you are giving a hand to reduce the Green House effect. Are you feeling excited about it? Find the best cruiser skateboards here now by reading this article. Stay tuned!

Really pay attention to the equipment for your skateboarding because it has a direct effect on your practicing and learning new tricks. If your board is not right for you, it will be hard to show off your talent no matter how hard you practiced before.

best cruiser skateboard for beginners

Best Cruiser Skateboard & Buyer's Guide

It is very important to choose the right skateboard. When buying a new cruiser skateboard, you should consider these factors:

Skateboard trucks

This part has a T-shape and is attached under the deck, and it helps connect the wheels with the deck. Skateboard trucks help to control your turns. You can not make the right turn or ride in the wrong direction. The truck size must be as long as the width of the deck.

You should choose a standard-sized truck to have the best performance when cruising around and to minimize wheel bite when you are getting down from the hills. 


Commonly, there are 4 sizes of the wheel today which are 48, 52, 56, and 60 millimeters. The best cruiser boards often have a size range between 52 - 56mm. Remember this, if the wheel is small, your speed will be slower, but the acceleration is fast. To choose the right wheels, you need to consider your body size, deck width, and the terrain of cruising. 

The width of the skateboard deck

best cruiser skateboards under $100

Beginners usually choose the wrong decks. They usually choose small wheels - expansive deck or big wheels - narrow deck, while the right choice is small wheels - narrow deck, large wheels - wide deck. The wheels will wear out quickly if they don’t match with the deck.

Type of terrain

With challenging terrain, you should go with large wheels. They can help to boost your stability and you will not fall off easily. Remember to check out the hardness as well. The softer the wheel, the better it can absorb shocks. 

Body size

If you are a bit overweight the wheels should be as big as possible, so the board will be able to carry you. And if you are small or maybe your kids skate on a skateboard that has excessive wheels size, then it will be hard to control the speeds and turns.

 Obviously, skaters can’t balance and fall off easily. So, if you want your children to be safe, you need to buy the best skateboard for kids

Skateboard bearings

This is a metal part that is placed inside the wheels to secure them to the axles. Based on the difference in the size of the wheels and axle we have different sizes. If you want to choose  good cruiser boards you should pay attention to the quality of the bearing, your practice will be ruined if the bearings have poor quality

The differences between cruisers and skateboards

First, the hardness of wheels is different. While the cruiser has softer wheels, the skateboard’s wheels are smaller and harder. Second, deck shapes are different. The cruiser has pointy noses and a larger size. The skateboard, on the other hand, has classic popsicle shape, and rounded ends. 

Some best mini cruiser skateboards are Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser, Magneto Mini Cruiser, Skatro Mini Cruiser 22x6inch, Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser. These cruiser skateboards have some highlighted features which are high-quality wheels, extended long deck, high-rated bearings, and kick tail ends. 

Skateboards are designed mostly for those who wish to do tricks. Cruisers, on the other hand, are used for daily commuting or for those who ride on different uneven terrains. Depending on your purpose, you can choose one that is suitable.

How to choose the right size

The length of the cruiser skateboards is usually between 25” – 46” and the width is from 7” to 9”. The longer deck is better for carving while the wider deck is more comfortable. Young and short skateboarders should go with the size ranged from 25 to 32 inches because it is easy to ride and control.

The range of 33 - 42 is good for all levels and styles of playing. The highlighted feature of this deck size is to help you keep the balance well. For intermediate and pro skaters, the perfect size range should be 43 - 46 inches. This is perfect for riding downhill or carving.

Is riding cruisers easier than riding skateboards?

Yes, they are. If you just cruise from place to place without doing tricks, then it is not a problem. The pointy nose makes them easily cut through the air and the soft wheels can help absorb bumps. With good cruiser skateboard brands, you will feel really comfortable and fun. You will ride smoothly and has the best experience. 

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