Costs incurred when playing skateboards

When decided to play skateboard, you should also determine other costs that you need to pay in addition to a skateboard only. For example, you have to pay for skate shoes, protective gears or skate clothes. Although it costs some money, Skateboarding is, in my opinion, still cheaper than other sports. Visit My Blog: Skateadvisors to read the information you want to know.

Playground access fee

Some outdoor skate spots such as parks are usually free, but sometimes it requires fees to pay for maintenance. Besides, some individuals also provide indoor skate parks where you have to pay an entrance fee of 5-10 dollars for one visit. 

You may think that why do we have to spend money on chargeable parks while there are free parks? Well, first of all, an indoor park provides you more terrains than an outdoor park does. If you want to learn complicated tricks, you must go there. Plus, because it is free, it means crowded.

This can distract you and hard for you to have enough space to practice. Moreover, outdoor parks largely depend on the weather which means if it rains or knows you can not play skateboard as usual. So it is worthy to pay for an indoor park because your money is used wisely to maintain the park and you also have a safer place to play.

Costs incurred when playing skateboards

Think about the money you will use to buy skateboard shoes. You will have to pay around 40-50 bucks to get quality shoes, this price is when it is for sale only, in normal days the price is much higher than that. Make sure you buy a pair of leather shoes with a snapped surface since it has a longer life. 

Never think about buying canvas shoes to play skateboard, you will be disappointed because it wears down quickly. If you play skateboard regularly you need to prepare the money to buy a new pair of shoes every 6 months, and if you play skateboard every day and often do complex tricks your shoes just last for 2-3 months.

 It depends on the way you use to lengthen your shoe life. If you are overwhelmed by the massive choices of skateboard sizes, you can get help from the article Skateboard Deck Sizes – Guide 2020. Wearing protective gear is indispensable when you play skateboards. The most important one is a helmet.  

The average price of a skateboarding helmet is around 40-50 dollars. Next, you will also need knee and elbow pads which protect you when you fall down. These pads last relatively forever. That is why it is pretty expensive, around 100 bucks for a pair of knee pads and elbow pads and wrist pads go for $30 and $25 respectively. 

It may cost you at first, but it is totally worth it as you will probably reduce your medical cost. If you don’t want to wake up in the hospital the next day you should better hurry to buy this set to play more safely and feel more confident.   

Other stuff related to skateboarding is clothes. 

If you want to play skateboards comfortably, you need to wear specialized clothes. You can consider Dickies, this kind of pants is pretty solid and are not easily scratched when you fall. Of cause, you can wear these pants even when you go out with friends, it still looks nice with casual tops like shirts.

 After all, it seems pretty costly to start playing skateboarding, but we can’t deny the benefits it brings to us. It is an one big investment, however, the things you get back are way more than that. Just consider carefully before you make the final decision.

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