How much does an electric skateboard cost ? – With Detailed Price Examples

Electric skateboards today are very diverse in models and designs. Along with that comes a variety of prices. Depending on your budget and needs, you can buy one for under $300, or $500, or even thousands of dollars for a luxury board. We pay for the features of an electric skateboard, so once you determine which features are needed and which can be sacrificed, you will have an estimate of how much you need to spend on the e-board.

How much do electric skateboards cost?: Examples

Here are some models of e-skateboards I chose to show you. Then, you can also read “how much does an electric skateboard cost” article on eSkatebuddy to see the price of more models and get other interesting information from it. These models are arranged in ascending order of price so you can clearly see that you get what you pay for.

  1. Blitzart Hurricane – $289

Blitzart is a pretty well known brand in the industry. Most of their skateboard products are under $300. This product is sold on Amazon, and as far as I can see its rating is not very good – 3.5 / 5 stars. For this price for an electric skateboard, you should expect the quality to fail you. Some buyers have said that they had problems with the board and remote connection. Someone even said that he almost had an accident because he couldn’t brake in an intersection.

  1. Ownboard W1S – $369

This one is a Chinese brand. I think many of you will think that Chinese products are of poor quality. I’m not denying this, but for products at this price point it’s not that bad. In addition, Ownboard is quite a famous brand. It can compete with other famous brands like Evolve or Boosted. I have since owned an Ownboard W1S given to me by my brother. It has good water resistance, allowing me to move around in the rain. Its top speed reaches 24mph, and it can go 14 miles on a single charge. This is an affordable skateboard worth trying. Don’t let the “Chinese” and the myths about it fool you.

  1. Meepo V3 – $ 409

There are many people who are using e-boards from Meepo. Again, this is a Chinese electric skateboard company, but it’s very popular on e-commerce sites like Amazon or ebay. This is an amazing board. It has a top speed of 28mph, and a range of 20 miles. At this price, I find this to be a good deal for the buyer.

  1. Skatebolt Tornado Pro – $ 599

Skatebolt is a solid and trustworthy brand. It’s pretty much a road monster with a top speed of 25mph and 22 mile range. In addition, it has 4 speed modes that you can customize in different terrain conditions. Overall, the reviews are positive. However, there are a few complaints about the battery and the remote control. Anyway, this is a pretty safe option and worth a try for you.

  1. Boosted Plus – $1,399

Boosted boards are famous for their most expensive products. The Boosted Plus is one of Boosted’s most expensive products. This one has a fairly long and wide deck so you can comfortably put your feet on. It is also very flexible so you can freely make sharp turns. Although the Boosted Plus does not have the top speed and high range of other products, it is extremely durable in return.

  1. Boosted Stealth – $1,599

Boosted Stealth is the most expensive product manufactured by the Boosted company. It has a top speed of 24mph and a range of 14 miles. This version allows you to connect with a smartphone to update software to improve top speed and extend battery life. In addition, the Boosted app also helps you control battery life, range, or point out errors on your device.

  1. Evolve Carbon GT – $1,999

Last on today’s list is the most expensive and also one of the best electric skateboards on the market.

If you buy 2 extra wheelsets with the skateboard, the total value can go up to $2249. The Evolve Carbon GT has an insane range. Its street version has a 31-mile range – something you can’t get with other boards. Even so, its weight is only 21 pounds.

A lot of people may give up after seeing the price, but wait! Do you want to know why it’s so expensive?

Factors affecting the electric skateboard price

The deck

There are two common types of decks used for electric skateboards. One is a plywood deck with a number of layers made up of 7-9. This wooden deck costs from $30 to $200. The other type is Composites made from main materials including Kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass. These composites have more outstanding features like lighter weight, more durability, less corrosion and ease of forming and shaping. Therefore, composite decks cost more, somewhere between 200 – 500 dollars. If you want unique graphics on your deck, you’ll need to pay extra for it.

electric skateboard decks

The battery

The battery is the most expensive part in an electric skateboard. It is so expensive because it has smaller battery cells, usually 10-30 cells. Depending on your needs in terms of range and usage, you should expect to pay somewhere between $150-500 for an e-board battery

The motor

There are two types of motors used for electric skateboards: dual and single motors. Single motors cost around $50 while dual motors cost up to $300.

Extra features

Many models have extra features included to enhance the user experience such as skateboard management software, multiple speed control modes, wheels for many types of terrain, etc.

Will e-skateboard be cheaper in the future?

In my opinion, electric skateboards will probably be cheaper in the future when the electric skateboard industry develops greatly. There will be many manufacturers causing competition in the market. However, if the cost of batteries increases, nothing can be said.


 The price of an e-skateboard is determined by many different factors. Make a list of what you want for your future device and prepare a budget for it. With prices ranging from $300-$1000 you can find some great varieties.

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