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You are now able to afford a skateboard but do not know where to start? Well, You need to determine what type of skateboard is suitable for you. Start from the best skateboard for beginners to make sure you don't give up right from the beginning. 

A skateboard won't disappoint you. Especially when you are riding one, you will feel free when the wheels rolling and it an take you everywhere you want. Feeling the wind blow through ears is really gonna help to reduce your stress. However, amateurs need to consider some points below to figure out how and why to skateboarding.

the best skateboard for beginners

1. Shop to buy a skateboard

Some people usually skip this step, however, it is really important. Do not choose a shop that you totally have no idea about them because you can end up with the skateboard that you don’t like.

You can easily recognize that a good skate shop will know what you want then provide the exact service. In contrast, the shops only care about their profits, they just care to sell the products and forget customers' feelings. 

There are many ways to test if the shops are really good as you can read reviews online, but I don't really trust this way because the seller can hire other people to talk well about them. I often go directly to the shops and tell them I'm new and ask their suggestions for the best skateboard for beginners. If you feel that their answers solve your concerns, that's a good store.

2. Skateboard size

This depends on many factors. First is your shoe size. If you are wearing men’s size of 6.5-9 then choose a 7.5-8 inches wide deck. If your shoe is larger than 9.5, you should get a deck’s width ranged from 8-8.5 inches. Choosing a skateboard size also depends on your height.

best skateboard to buy for a beginner

 If you want to buy a skateboard for kids whose height is around 102cm or shorter, then get a deck between 6.5-6.75 inches. With the height from 102-130 cm, the deck width should be 7 inches, 131-160 cm go with 7.25-7.375 deck and if you are taller than 160cm then my recommendation is to choose 7.5+ inches deck.

 For those of you who like technical tricks a narrower deck, around 7.75-8.25 inches, is more preferable, while skating big bowls, handrails, or jumping over large gaps and stairs are more comfortable with wider boards (8.25-9 inches). 

3. Skateboards components

Picking the best skateboard for beginners is not easy, but not a so difficult task. As long as you consider carefully all of my recommendations. Now, let take a look at how to choose skateboard parts.


As I have provided quite a bit of information about choosing the deck size above, here you need to pay attention to your skateboarding purpose. While street skateboarders are more likely to prefer a deck between 7.5-8 inches, someone who skates around pools or parks should get a 8”+. If you haven’t got a specific strength, it is safe to start with 30 inches of long and 8 inches wide board. 


Generally, people measure skateboard wheels in millimeters. For the street skating purpose,  wheels usually run from 49-52 mm while to skate around parks skateboarders need to choose larger wheels which are around 54-60 mm.

The reason for this difference is smaller wheels mean lighter weight, therefore, it is easier to flip and land tricks on the street. Larger wheels mean they can cover more surface and speed you up. Those you want to use skateboards as transition, this is definitely a perfect choice for you. 


These are the underside component of a skateboard which is shaped like the letter “T”.  Trucks function as a joint to secure wheels and bearings together and attach them to the deck. In addition to other criteria to choose the best skateboard for beginners, trucks also play an important role in creating a skateboard and is a decisive factor in how to control the board. 

Truck size depends on the deck size meaning the axle width perfectly fits the width of the deck. The standard ratio is usually 8’’-wide deck should go with the 149mm-wide truck. 

4. Shape

One of the things you may confuse about when you first learn skateboarding is the board shapes, but don’t worry, you could gradually try new decks shapes when the previous one breaks down to find out what your favorite deck. However, to save money when starting, you should only buy conventional boards which will help you to learn how to balance and learn some basic tricks.

The area between the two curved edges is called the concave. According to some skateboard players, the deeper the concave, the easier it is to flip the board. However, It’s all relative. Easy or not, it all depends on the perception and level of each person.

Nothing is absolutely good and nothing is completely bad and so is a skateboard shape. In this case, you should borrow your friends’ board to try and see what is your preference. 

5. Graphics

Some beginners are usually attracted by beautiful graphics although their level does not fit that board. This is a big mistake. If you are looking for a skateboard to decorate your house such as hanging on the living room’s wall, you can choose whatever icons you like

But if you are looking for a skateboard to go outside, forget about the graphics. Despite making you look cool, over time the images will fade quickly and you will have to replace them. But boards are different if you buy the wrong, it can not be replaced constantly because it is quite expensive. Remember, graphic is not as important as the skills you learn on your board.

6. Brands

You may not believe but a skateboard brand can impact your riding and skills. The thing is there are many best skateboard brands on the market, how to pick out one? You should learn about the brands you are interested in, what their strengths are.

For example, this brand has a solid deck, the other brand major in best beginner skateboard, etc. Concurrently, you should also consult your friends and relatives about the brands they are using. You should choose famous brands to buy your own skateboard. 

You know, they're famous for not without reason. Their popularity comes from the trust of their customers, so you will not have to worry about buying poor quality skateboards. The prices of these brands may be a bit expensive, but it is well worth the investment. It is better to buy an expensive product that lasts longer than you buy a cheap product but have to buy many times.

If you are still not clear about which skateboard you should buy, don’t worry. Once you have enough skills, you will be able to compare the boards against each other and realize differences.

Because now you are in the process of playing and learning about skateboarding, what you need to do is keep playing and trying different boards then one day you will find the skateboard that best suits your style.

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