Must-have skateboard accessories for a better experience

No matter how cool is your deck, it still looks naked when you go out and see others’ decks are equipped with many accessories. In this post, Skateadvisors will give you some ideas to decorate your own skateboard. All these accessories below are just under $20 and are perfect for any skateboarders who love making their skateboards look unique.


skateboard helmets

Although known as boring protective equipment, with just a little creativity, you can turn this helmet into a fashionable skateboard accessory. Besides the most common way is using stickers, kids are now interested in mohawks style which makes them look outstanding among the crowds. 

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Skateboard lights

If you are a follower of night skateboarding, a board blazer is indispensable. Many skateboarders choose this way to make their skateboarding at night looks more colorful. These lights look really amazing when you skate thanks to the underglow effect. Having a board blazer attached to your deck or wheel has another use.

When you skate in the dark, it is hard for drivers to see you on the street even though they have headlights, but with a board blazer you can not only avoid being hit by cars but it also helps to light up the road ahead of you. Some people worry about damaging the LEDs and difficult to do hard tricks, but actually it is cleverly attached so it doesn't affect your riding. 


This is one of the must-have accessories for all skateboarders because it is not only cheap but also easy to buy and use.  Stickers are various in sizes and shapes, therefore, suitable for any kind of skateboards. You can easily buy it at local skate shops, sometimes stickers are free when you buy other popular accessories or go with new skateboards. 

Deck protector

This can be applied to almost every kind of skateboard. This is for those who usually skate fast or skate on the rough street. Without a deck protector, the life of a board is shorter than those have it.

Commonly, skateboarders protect their skateboards by a nose guard or tail guard, in this way, the deck will less likely be broken or cracked.


This is a very important part which decides how good is your performance but often is forgotten. You need to verify which terrain are you going to play so you can choose the right diam and hardness to have the best experience. You also need to determine what is your favorite types of rider.

 Are you a fast rider or do you just want to flow peacefully on the school campus? The right choice of skateboard wheels will help you a lot. If you are a newbie, you should start with a mini-cruiser skateboard. You can read more about it here best mini cruiser skateboards - skateadvisors. 

Skateboard carry bag

skateboard carry bag

It is fine to carry your skateboard by hand to somewhere near your house, but your arms will start to be sore if it is long distance. In this case, you will need a backpack to carry the skateboard for you.

The bag is able to carry not only a deck but also other skateboard-related stuff. Therefore, you will find it is more convenient to travel from place to place. This bag is most suitable for students. They can take the board with them easily, then after school, they can head directly to the skatepark


If you skate outside, under the sun, using sunglasses is a great idea because it will make you look cool and more importantly to protect your eyes from UV rays and small flying insects when you are cruising fast.

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