skateboarders have a chance to upgrade their level

Skateboarding is going to have its debut at 2020 Olympics at Tokyo. It means a lots with skateboarders in the way of becoming official.

When announcing that skateboarding will be one of the sports to compete at Tokyo Olympics in 2020, IOC promises that they will keep the entire nature of this sport. Skateboarders all over the world, as a result, decide to improve the games before the Games begin.

Kansas City's Sean Malto stated at the Dew Tour that it is amazing that skateboarding is appeared at Olympics. Participating in such global event is one of the most honored thing in life. Dew Tour is one of the Olympic qualifying events held in United States.

When the 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers start, skateboarders have a chance to upgrade their level

It consists of two disciplines, street skateboarding and park skateboarding, for both men and women. If you have no idea about this sport, at first let’s find the best skateboard for beginners.

Malto is a 29-year-old skater taking part in the street event. He said that the decision of IOC has expanded the door for skateboarders who have been undergrounded for so long. It was a special chance for anyone to compete.

Last month, Malto also took part in the Street League Skateboarding event. This London's event was the very first qualifier. Skateboarding normally is an open and free sport, but when it comes to official competition, it will be more rigid.

Of course it will be adjusted to fit with Olympics standards. But having an opportunity is much more meaningful. So such skaters like Malto will try to have a chance to participate in this Games.

 He said that skateboarders like him grew up and developed via many competitions before such as Dew Tour, X Games and Street League. Winning such events will give them entrance tickets to Olympics, there is no reason they do not try their best as they have done.

According to USA Skateboarding's CEO, Josh Friedberg, at first there were some uncertainties when they chose the athletes for skateboarding national team.When the list of 16 athletes was announced, the 16 slots were ensured to the Olympics entrance. 

Malto, Curren Caples as well as non-US-team athletes, still have an opportunity to achieve a slot by their own efforts.

Caples is a 23-year-old skateboarder competing in both park and street skateboarding. In his opinion, becoming a member of Olympic team once again was up since skateboarders had been cleared up all confusions. 

Caples said that Dew Tours was an annual event that he participated but the event this year is completely different, not only with him but also with the others. These days, skateboarders all around the world is hungry than ever, they practice everyday. 

Olympics is an important event for any skateboarders to upscale their favorite sport and a chance to be recognized as an official sport but not street sport for rebels. Details at skateadvisors.

Five additional sports in the coming Olympics announced by IOC are sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, baseball and softball. According to Kit McConnell, sport director of IOC, they were searching for such sports affecting young people. The spirit of this sport should be the same as the first time, full of free and young energy. 

There are about 80 available spots with 20 events each. Olympic skateboarding consists of both street and park, in men and women. 

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