Skateboarding for everyone, not only teenagers but also adults

This sport is gaining more and more popular these days for not only young people but also over-21-year-old ones, Adam Gabbatt is an example.

Not like an usual Sunday laying on the bed all day, this Sunday at 9am I have a plan to take part in a skateboarding for the first time of my more-than-year-old life.

The first skateboard I had, as I remember, was called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as a gift of Christmas in 1990s. It was considered as one of the best skateboard for beginners. At that time, I was in England, to the north of this country.

I was still young and I did not have any definition of what I got except its name. So I didn’t have a thought of having helmet or pads to protect myself from getting hurt in case I fell. I tried to stand on my skateboard on the ground outside of my house. As a newbie, I felt off, many times. As a result, I decided to put this skateboard back to a corner and never found it again.

Skateboarding for everyone, not only teenagers but also adults

When I come to the class, Kevin Banahan, my skateboard’s teacher, asked our class whether we have a skateboard before or not. But I go with my crush, Amanda, I want to attract her with a fun activity and show that I am a active man.

Therefore, I, with almost of our class, agree to say “No” while I have a deeply apology to my old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skateboard and the person giving it to me.

These days, skateboarding is considered as one of the most favorite sports, especially with young people all around the world. It, which was even prohibited in many cities in the past now becomes a way people use to express themselves. The clear evidence of this mainstream is that even adults have skateboarding classes to take part in anytime, any where.

There is an interesting fact about skateboarding classes taught by Kevin that about 80-90% his students are woman. Amazing!

Woman is people who usually live in group or team. In this case, normally one woman knows about this skateboarding class, maybe via website or other social media networks.

Then, she asks her friends to join. Finally, she brings two or more women to this class. It proves that skateboarding is not only a sport for men but women also can enjoy it. Skateboarding need both strength, balance and tact. You can see that it is somehow similar to dancing when you need to balance yourself while doing a trick on ramp. 

Imagining about skateboarders, people generally think about boys with sporty and cool appearance, baggy jeans, colorful T-shirts and snapback hats. But in our class, when we are completely equipped by Kevin, we look not cool at all, I think. Pads on knees, on elbows, helmet head and wrist guards on hand, we are protected perfectly so that nothing can injure us now.

Skate Brooklyn is a normal skate shop but when you come over, you will be impressed by its indoor ramp. This ramp is a small version of the real one and less dangerous. It is decorated with full of graffiti.

Putting these skateboarding accessories on, I feel like I am going to be a real skateboarder, except the fact that I wear a soccer shirt and the feeling of hangover. I find that it is not easy to do a trick such as ollie, and the first lesson for you is to know how to step on and how to get off the board.

Since almost of us is newbie, Kevin is very enthusiastic and happy, he cheers with us after we do any motion. However, I still feel a little bit nervous when stepping on the skateboard with a full set of protectors.

The funny things starts. As learned from Kevin, when I am on the board, I try to put my weight of the body to the tail of the board in order to make the front wheels raised out of the ground. It makes me feel satisfied. This remind me about Skateboard Purpose when I begins.

I takes a look to Amanda to know whether she is impressed by my achievement or not but sadly, nothing. 

Then we continue to learn how to go up and down on the ramp. It is an opportunity to save my date, how lucky it is! But it is extremely difficult, not only with me but also my class as well.

My expectation of perfect movement is quickly gone out when I try to speed up. I pulled and clung to Kevin tightly. As a result, both of us fall over and my hip is hurt than ever.

Finally, we can confidently say that I can skate, although I skate very slowly with the nervous expression on my face. 

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