Skateboarding helmet – an indispensable safety accessory

You are pursuing a professional skateboarding career or you only play it for pleasure, under any circumstances does safety play an important role when you play skateboarding. Paying attention to equip yourselves with the protection equipment is never a simple concern, especially when you are beginners in this sport.

That is the reason why besides other articles in My site: Skateadvisors, in this article, we are going to provide you with some need-to-know information in terms of protection with a helmet. 

Background information about the protection

 When you are riding, there are many potential unexpected dangers that can lead to serious hurt and one of the most worrisome injuries is the head wounds. 

Therefore, it is imperative to make certain of using an appropriate helmet in every game or sport you involve in. In some countries, it is against the law if you do not have a helmet on your head while playing skateboarding. More importantly, it must be a specialized helmet for skateboarding, not only the standard one for the common sport. 

Skateboarding helmet - an indispensable safety accessory

The thing to pay attention to when shopping for a helmet

When considering which helmet you should choose in a shop, the top concern must be its material. In every helmet, they always put soft light rubber material, a.k.a foam rubber. What you have to do is make certain that the type of foam is made from Expanded PolyPropylene which is sturdy and indestructible to diminish the possibility of being hurt in your head. 

Furthermore, checking if the helmet’s size is suitable for your head is a compulsory thing to do. In many cases, it is due to being careless to adjust the helmet appropriate that many people have to sustain an injury. 

It is important that Skateboard helmets meet some rating requirements. These requirements are not stated in law but it should be the most vital thing in your consideration. Let take a look a the helmet to see if it labeled “CPSP” or “ASTM” which guarantees the safety standard of your helmet

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Top must-buy helmets

Only knowing the specifics standards to choose a proper helmet is not enough but looking for an ideal helmet is a tougher task. Some brands are known as the leading brands in the market in terms of quality and safety. One of the brands that the would like to recommend you is Pro-Tec.

 This company has produced various types of helmets for your selection and plus, it is rated extremely high by the users.  Its simple and standard physical appearances make it impressive and stylish. In addition, you will find it easy to use it even in the beginning because it is included a standard strap that lends itself to every user. 

Another great brand you can consider to try is the Technical Safety Gear. Apart from some similar characteristics as Pro-Tc’s, one feature of Technical Safety Gear’s product is its attractive and impressive designs which can make you look more fashionable while skateboarding.

This helmet also features when it is the most lightweight among other types of helmet. It would create a comfortable feeling when you wear it. 

Besides these 2 top brands, there are other brands that you can take into consideration to try one, namely Bern or Triple 8 helmet. All the mentioned companies produce the safety helmets for kids as well. And if you have kids who are playing skateboarding, you might also be interested in good skateboards for kids at skateadvisors

Skateboarding is an enjoyable leisure game if you can equip yourself with a perfect protection helmet. Therefore, searching for a safety helmet and other accessories prior to really picking one from the shop in order to truly savor your skateboarding experience.

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