The inaccurate stigma of skateboarding

People normally hold a stereotype about each field which can be both good and bad. 

If you play Rubik, you are clever. If you possess many luxurious items in your wardrobe, you are rich and fancy. 

So how about the first stigma crossing to your mind about skateboarders? Some people may have an assumption that those playing skateboards are bad kids? Is it truly right? Or are stigmas just coming from some initial groups holding them?

And if the history of skateboarding would give us an acceptable answer for this? Prior to digging up the answer, you can gain some insight into the purposes when people start skateboarding through My Category: "Skateboard Purpose".

When being asked one famous skateboarder that you can think of, many people would say immediately Tony Hawk. So we might wonder why though he does not correspond with the stereotype of skateboarding, there is still a stance for skateboard up to now. 

The inaccurate stigma of skateboarding

Going back to the origin of a skateboard, it came from California in the 1950s. The initial idea of a skateboard is to make plank from wooden and skate wheels at the bottom of the board. This design aimed to let the skaters surf the uneven surface like the sidewalk when the condition of the waves is not really suitable to surf. This idea was granted instant recognition at that time.

 Many companies seized their potential before long and embarked on manufacturing wheels for the new version of sidewalk skating. By the early seventies, skateboarding started to lose its stance because of many relevant serious accidents. A lot of shops did not continue selling the boards in its wake.

 It has gradually become a breeding ground for the following stigmas. People keep raising a question - Why would people spend time learning to play skateboarding while being aware of its potential dangers?

Multiple people consider this sport as a danger and shun “this - kids - being into nowaday” sport. However, skateboarding underwent a big change that led to something more than wheels.

 One of the other new updates for skateboarding is the appearance of the skateboard truck. You can find more information about it if you are short of the understanding in What Size Skateboard Truck Do I need - Find the Perfect Answer

In 1978, the world recorded the first Ollie achieved by Alan Gelfand. It was then adjusted to become a flat ground trick by Rodney Mullen, which is a trick done without resort to aby rails.

The Ollie brought a brand-new change for skateboarding when the players can pass over the obstacles and ramps to perform different tricks. So if the great change of the sport is not the origin of the stereotype, where did we have it? We can give you a possible answer here. 

Though there are several places for skateboarders being free to play skateboarding, in many places, people are banned from skateboarding and can be fined also. It is not even listed as a recreational activity in some states.

 So why there are many available spaces for sports players like tennis, football or basketball? This may be explained by the potential risk of being easily injured while skating. In the 70s, the courts did resolve a bunch of legal cases and lawsuits originating from skaters.

To prevent these issues, many public areas’ authorities decided to stop skateboarding players riding on their public property. Another solution they might devise is to create a specific area only for skateboarders; nevertheless, it causes a financial problem and not many cities can afford the high cost of creating a skate park.

Generally speaking, skateboarding’s risk of causing injuries is still a puzzling issue. The surrounding problems relating to legality damage of public property have impeded the development of skateboarding, but for many, they still regard it as their sport among others.

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