The list of skateboard apps you need to know

These days, the smartphone becomes one of the essential parts of our daily lives. We do a lot of things on our phone, from studying, working and entertainment which includes skateboarding. Developers recognize this trend and introduce a wide range of apps about skateboarding on the App store. 


Touchgrind is a skateboard game for mobile phones. It is similar to a fingerboarding where competitors use their fingers to ride their mini-skateboards. You control the skateboard by flicking and tapping the screen. In this app, you also can customize your skateboard to what you want. Because of such features, Touchgrind has received a huge amount of positive reviews for years.

However, there are some people expressing their disappointed feeling about this app since. In Touchgrind, you just use your fingers instead of your feet to control the board riding around the skatepark but there are no competitors to compete.

It is fun, but not for all of us! Besides, the design of this game is nice with beautiful 3D graphics, and you can also listen to the music you choose while playing. 

The list of skateboard apps you need to know


This mobile app is a simple skateboarding game. In this game, you control your skateboard character to ride down the street, jump over the ramp and do such complicated tricks.

Developers also put the obstacles that require players to avoid, like manholes and falling trees. In general, iSk8ter is considered as a great game that both children and adults can enjoy.

Skater Nation

This mobile app is provided by the professional game developer - Gameloft. Skater Nation will help you to recall the old video games of Tony Hawks with an open space full of obstacles. Players have a lot of ramps and rail to ride on and do amazing tricks.

There is a place in this game named "Skanifornia" which consists of 10 interesting places. If you are in this game, you will play as one member of the team of 8. Each member has its own specifications and features. Like other mobile games, you control your character via buttons and control pads on the screen. According to some reviews, it works quite well.

Vans SK8: Pool Service

Another mobile app that skateboarders should know is Vans SK8: Pool Service. In this app, players can choose one of the Vans' sponsored pro skateboarders, Bucky Lasek or Omar Hassan, to compete with the others.

This game consists of 10 main events that you can take part in, or if you are not interested in such events, you can skate freely and do anything you want in the abandoned pool. In addition, you are able to customize your own skateboard based on the real designs of 12 models provided by Vans.

You will also find how to choose the best skateboard to buy for a beginner here. Players use fingers to control the game. In general, this game is not too long but we cannot expect more for a cheap game. 

GoLearn Skateboarding

GoLearn Skateboarding is a guideline for skateboarders to start their skateboarding journey. This app consists of 45 basic and advanced tricks, each has a detailed description so that you can easily understand what it is and how to do it.

The beginners also find the mechanics of a complete skateboard in order to enable them to assemble their own boards. The outstanding feature is the skatepark located feature which makes use of your location to show you where the nearest skateparks are. In the future, developers tend to add the content of the best starter skateboard for kids in this app.

This app is divided into two versions, free version GoLearn Skateboarding Lite and the charged one, GoLearn Skateboarding Explained. Because of its helpful features, this app was awarded the "Excellence Award" by iPhoneFootprint in 2008. 

Tony Hawk: Trick Tips

In this app, you will see a collection of 50 videos of skateboarding tricks performed by skateboard legend Tony Hawk. He not only performs the tricks but also detailedly explains how to do them. You can consider it as a notebook to bring outside and watch when you don't understand anything. If you are a fan of Tony Hawk, Tony Hawk: Trick Tips also helps you to keep in touch with your idol, update his latest news and videos.

Concrete Wave Magazine

Concrete Wave Magazine is another mobile app you should get for your phone if you are interested in skateboarding. 

This skateboard magazine is not the same as any kind of magazine you have seen before. In this magazine, you can see all types of skateboards which are available or not available on the market. Their goal, according to their statement, is to bring a good skateboard magazine that everyone wants to have.

In the Concrete Wave mobile app, you not only find a lot of useful skateboarding articles but also the latest news, interesting videos, and even the best cruiser skateboards’ photos.


Sk8 Dice is the mobile app made by skaters for skaters, so there is no doubt you will have a great experience with it. There are four dice on the screen for you to roll, each gives you a unique challenge. The main contents of four dice are the stance, the direction (frontside or backside), the spin (non, 180 or 360) and the trick (for example kickflip or heelflip).

In this game, you will firstly roll a virtual dice on the phone and attempt the trick on the dice. For instance, if the dice shows Ollie/frontside/360/kickflip, it means that you have to do an 360 ollie kickflip. 


This mobile app enables you to watch thousands of skateboarding videos with the source from website in full screen. The videos are various, from the latest videos from skateboard companies to the recent competitions. If there is anything you are searching for, you can find here.


In the above article, we have shown you a list of helpful skateboarding app for your mobile phone. Most of them are free of charge or very cheap, you can easily find in the App Store for iPhone, iPad or CH Play for Android devices. With them, we are sure you will not be boring during bad weather when you cannot bring your skateboard outside and have some ride.

If you find this article useful, don’t hesitate to share with your friends, especially those who are interested in skateboarding like you! 

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