The set of rules you should follow at the skate park

Question: Which set of rules do I have to follow?

Skate parks are the places built for skateboarders to ride their boards, however, they may be dangerous sometimes. The beginners often find it hard to know how and what they should do at the skate park. How should you act, and which set of rules should you have to follow?


There are some things you should pay attention to, we hope that they will help you to have a good time at the skate park. In case you want to find more information about skateboard and skate park.

The set of rules you should follow at the skate park

Be Honest About Your Skateboarding Skill

If you are a new skateboarder, it is ok, there is no matter when you practice at the skate park. However, you have to understand your ability, don't try somethings which are too much for you, and don't act like this is your yard. You will need to be humble. Many skate parks have a specific area for beginners with easier challenges, so try it first.

Watch Your Stuff

Skate park is a public area, so you are in charge of keeping an eye on your stuff by yourself. Skateboarders are not bad, but there are many kinds of people in this, no one is responsible for you. In case you have a backpack, you have better wear it although it is not convenient, or put in a place you are always able to see it. Chaining it up with a bike lock is a solution, but the straps can be cut.

You have better keep your important and valuable things at home, just bring some necessary things to the skate park such as your cellphone and wallet. Remember to put them in zippered pockets, if possible.

 If someone takes your phone from your front cloth pocket without your attention, unfortunately, you have met a master criminal and nothing can do. You even should not bring too much money, especially when you ride your skateboard in a crowded area.

Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is a necessary thing you should do while skateboarding, and at almost skate parks, it is a must. We always recommend you to get a helmet, too. In case you skate at a skate park where there is a WEAR A HELMET signpost and you don't have a helmet on your head on purpose, you may get caught and be kicked off the park by the others. 

In addition, there is no bad in wearing a helmet while riding a skateboard because it can save your life from being a vegetable. In fact, there is a case near where I live.

 A very young and talented guy who was going to become a high school student this spring came over a local skate park on a sunny day, rode his dear skateboard without a helmet on his head. Unluckily, he fell off and his head was smacked into the concrete, then now he is a vegetable. So, remember to wear a helmet.

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Watch for Other Skaters

This is a big issue! Whatever you do and how good you are, stay aware of your surroundings, especially other skateboarders! If you have a thought that everyone has better out of your way, you may end up with your butt on the ground or getting hurt somewhere.

There are a number of not-good skateboarders at any skate park and they don't know exactly what they are doing, and if you don't keep an eye on them, you will hurt yourself. 

Get Back Up!

Falling is a common thing in skateboarding, skateboarding means falling. In case you fall down off the skateboard, try to get back up soon! It may hurt sometimes, however, unless you are in serious troubles such as bone busting or spleen rupture, you have better get out of the way as soon as possible.

There is nothing worse than a person falling off the skateboard then laying down in the middle of the park.

If you feel really hurt and impossible to move, don't hesitate to ask for help. In this case, it is ok. Some people may still get annoyed, but they will not overact if you are in a serious situation.

If your wound is not too serious, let's get back up and try again. If you can shrug off pain and be hard-working, you will be a good skateboarder in the near future.

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