In the past, skateboarding was only popular among teenagers and young adults who desperately want to prove themselves. Nowadays, more and more people from other age groups participate in this sport, especially children. 

From the view of an experienced skater, I must say that skateboarding is not only beneficial to your kids mentally but also physically. By skating for a couple of months, you will notice that your children are more confident and they gain so many skills in coordination, balance, and cooperation. 

Despite several benefits of skateboarding to young players, many kids have to put off their dream of riding on a cool board due to the fact that their parents don’t know where to start. To teach them skateboarding, they can ask skateboarding instructors for help; however, they totally rely on themselves when buying the necessary equipment. 

One of the most important pieces of gear for skating must be a suitable skateboard. Famous brands offer several products that are specially designed to fit smaller body sizes of young riders. To help parents decide which skateboard brand is the most suitable, let’s check out some prestigious brands and their best skateboard for kids in today’s thread. 



From my experience of choosing many skateboards for kids, I must say that SkateXS has everything that a beginner should look for. No matter what you want to get for your kids, you will always find a proper kid skateboard made by SkateXS. Moreover, this brand even lets customers print their names on the skateboard with a wide range of character patterns. 


Whenever referring to SkateXS, I can never forget Personalized SkateXS Skateboard For Kids – the most successful product of the company. Besides printing the name, the owner of the board is even able to choose different combinations of grip tape and wheel colors.

With the purpose of helping kids on their very first push in skateboarding, this product comes in a high-quality set-up to ensure the safety and well-performing of a skating session. The bamboo deck is manufactured in an appropriate size so that kids won’t need to struggle when handling a board larger than their bodies. 


If your kids are fond of developing stunts, a Hikole skateboard can be a great assistant. All products of Hikole are manufactured so well that they can handle all the impact that beginners usually make during practicing. Therefore, there is no point worrying about how unstable or rough your kids are if you own a Hikole skateboard. 

My recommendation if you are considering a Hikole skateboard will be the Pro Skateboard For Kids. to withstand the stunts of beginners, the deck has an 8-inch double concave design the size of 31 inches. Moreover, kids can also perform basic tricks, OL action, or 360s on this Pro Skateboard. 

If you are living in a crowded city, the only place for you to practice must be the skate park or at least the pavement. In that case, the smooth PU wheels can be the best choice for conquering ramps, pools, and other smooth terrains. 

Similar to the first product, Hikole also offers hundreds of cool sticker designs in bright and bold graphics so that customers can personalize their own board. However, the grip tape is pre-manufactured to provide a good staying power so you don’t have any choice in customization. 


Playshion is famous for manufacturing skateboards for newbies of all ages. Its flat designs can suit any newcomer as they will find no difficulty in controlling the board. Moreover, the deck made of hardwood is still flexible but sturdy enough. 

For a newbie without any knowledge about skateboards looking for the best skateboard brands, Playshion should always be on the list. You can check out the 39-inch Playshion Kids Longboard for the easiest control. 

No matter if you are into freeriding, cruising, or freestyling, this board can always function properly. Moreover, your kids will be able to develop their sliding skills thanks to the 7-inch aluminum kingpin. 

What I found the most amazed about this skateboard is the ease of using its brake. With a gentle push by the right foot, the rider will be able to stop the board safely. However, smaller kids may find it difficult to ride this huge board. 



Are you into cruising? If yes, I would like to introduce to you the best brand in producing mini cruisers. Its most popular product is the Rimable Complete 22” Kids Skateboard which is both attractive and durable. 

The board is only 22 inches long and customers are free to design their board with different colors and patterns. Although the product is designed for kids, it can withstand a weight of up to 198 pounds. Hence, an older child or teenager can also own this cruiser. 

The steadiness of the board is incredible together with the stability and the ease of controlling the board for a beginner. The board can gain this stability because of wide contact patches which help your kids stay balanced on the board even when moving across unlevel terrains. When skating on sidewalks or rough surfaces, the PU wheels are capable of handling repeated hard movements. 

These are the best skateboard brands for kids that I know as well as their popular boards. However, you may not find these products in your area. Hence, I would like to show you some guides in buying a good skateboard for your kids. 


First, you must make sure that you can find the perfect size for the riders since a board for toddlers may not work well for older kids and vice versa. Both age groups need the same criterion which is the steadiness to avoid falling and injuries. 

If your kids are older than 5, they are able to keep balance on a moving object like a skateboard; therefore, you can give them a bit of a challenge. At this stage, parents can look for a special shape of the deck so that their skills in maintaining balance and coordination are significantly improved. 

You probably remember that I mentioned Hikole Skateboard above about its ability in supporting skateboarders in doing tricks with ease. Therefore, it is a great option to choose this board if your children want something challenging like gliding or sliding. 

Some kids are just into cruising around their neighborhood or commuting to school every day. For this group of riders, I suggest parents pay attention to the durability and flexibility of a skateboard. Moreover, parents must get the most compact board possible so that their kids can carry it around with no difficulty. 

What a mistake if I do not mention a good guide for female skaters since there are more and more girls taking part in skateboarding. Since there are not many variations between a skateboard for boys and girls, I think parents can purchase boards such as Personalized SkateXS so that a girl can enjoy the appearance of her board. 


I hope that this post can provide useful information for parents to choose a good kid skateboard. While considering any products, please take a look at the key specifications to make sure that you go over all the technical specs carefully.

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