If you have ever got a chance to try out skateboarding, you must realize that learning to skateboard is not easy at all. For beginners who are taught by great instructors, the learning process may be a bit easier; however, you can get successful with your board or not depending critically on how much you practice. 

So why do you need to add more and more difficulties to your progress with the wrong gear? To avoid this mistake, learning to choose the right skating apparatuses is crucial. And one of the most important items that every skateboarder needs is a good skateboard. 

best complete skateboards for beginners

This post will provide you with basic knowledge about skateboards for beginners and recommend some products for newbies. In order to get the most information out of this thread, I strongly advised readers to learn about the skateboard sizing guide so as to pick the best skateboard for beginners

Top 5 Complete Skateboards For Beginners


This product is the perfect option for parents who are looking for the best skateboard for their kids. Children over 4 feet tall will fit this board perfectly. Not only is the board made by professional skateboarding manufacturers with the top gear, but the product also comes with a set of a helmet and other pads for protecting riders.

If you are still wondering whether or not to choose this one, I think you can search for an Element company on the internet to see its long history in the skateboarding industry. By providing the fully-equipped package, this skateboard is the best option for parents knowing very little about skating. 


In case you are an adult skater, the first product can not fit your size. So let’s consider this Enjoi board with a wider and larger size than the normal size for a standard product. Therefore, I would recommend this skateboard for tall riders or any skaters who want to conquer mini ramps and bowls. 

This setup is available with high-quality ABEC-5 bearings which are ideal for the smoothest ride. If you are into slide tricks, the 99A wheels will be your best friend. However, I have no idea whether the trucks are good or not since they are manufactured by a non-popular brand. Hence, I think you may want to test it at the store before making up your mind. 


Are you into street skating? Are you living in a crowded city with limited space? Do you have to skate on rough pavements instead of dedicated skate parks? If the answer is yes, this Santa Cruz complete skateboard can help. 

Though this board is manufactured for adult skaters, the deck is a bit narrower than the previous one with just 7.8 inches. When referring to Santa Cruz, this brand has received so many compliments from skaters at all levels. 

The deck shape is what fascinates me the most which I desperately look for when learning ollies and kickflips. Unlike the Enjoi Candy Coated 8.25 Complete Skateboard, this product can cause some difficulties with slide tricks. 

To handle rough sidewalks, Santa Cruz attaches soft wheels to this skateboard so that riders can still experience a smooth ride even when running on unlevel surfaces. Moreover, customers are allowed to use a set of 99A or 100A wheels when they progress with ledge tricks. 

Although it has all the features I just said, the cost for the complete skateboard is only around $100 so even a skater with a tight budget can afford it. Similar to the second skateboard, I am not sure about the trucks and bearings manufactured by Bullet – a brand with the same parent as Santa Cruz and Creature. 


This mid-size board (7.375”) is suitable for kids at the age of 9 or 10 and the purpose of skating is to ride around only. The assumption for kids at these ages means any rider between 4’5” and 5’ tall is okay to use. 

With the price at only $99, I can confidently say that this is among the list of the best complete skateboards. I love this brand so much and my first skateboard was also made by Bling. 

The shape of the deck, the excellent graphics, and other parts are absolutely awesome at this price. Due to the initial design, this board is not suitable for doing tricks but cruising around. Soft wheels are used to reduce the effort that skaters must make to move forward on most driveways. 

If you are looking for a board to do a tailslide or noseslide, I don’t think this board is good at sliding. Other tricks that can be performed on level terrains are supported by this complete board. Fortunately, skaters are able to change to harder wheels like the 99A or 100A skateboard wheels. 


Powell Dragon is a trusted and prestigious brand in manufacturing skateboards so you don’t need to worry about the quality. Skateboarders who are finding a lighter board or have smaller feet can benefit from this humble design. 

Like the previous product, this complete skateboard is equipped with soft wheels so it is more suitable to run on lightly rough pavement. Though the manufacturer aimed at skaters with small feet in the first place, the regular 31-inch deck may be a bit longer than riders’ expectations. Hence, I would recommend this board for skaters at least 4’ tall. 


The number one rule for getting the best beginner skateboard is to avoid stores like Target or Walmart since you can only get trash back home.  With the expense of around $100 to $150, new skateboarders are able to get the perfect skateboard for learning the basics. 

If you have a more comfortable budget, you can check out high-quality products from famous companies such as Deathwish, Element, Baker, Creature, Santa Cruz, Blind, Powell, Globe, Enjoi, and Primitive. Each company has several products suitable for different skating purposes; therefore, make sure to determine your needs before getting to a skate shop. 

best complete skateboards

The deck should be the most important part that you need to consider carefully when purchasing. Other parts like bearings, trucks, and wheels are also important but they are interchangeable. If you notice, the products I mentioned earlier are still good although they are equipped with non-popular sets of wheels, trucks, or bearings. 

Furthermore, beginners only concentrate on doing the basic skills and tricks so they don’t need an advanced board just to learn these fundamentals. However, the deck will determine how hard your learning process is so you should pay attention to it. 

Building a customized skateboard is okay but beginners can make some fatal mistakes when getting incompatible trucks and decks. They are not aware of the importance when getting the right size for all components. Therefore, I think newcomers to skateboarding had better stick to a complete skateboard. Otherwise, you can ask an experienced skater to build the board for you; however, this method can be time-consuming and expensive.

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